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Hey Boys, It’s me Nataly, You remember me don’t you? I came down to Prague from Russia with my girlfriend Luba Love. Ever since we got here I’ve only seen her once or twice, she’s been off doing what ever and well you
know I’ve been spending time with Ariel and Nelly. Today I decided to stay in and spend some quite time alone but after thinking about it long and hard it would be better if I had someone to watch. I began caressing my body, touching and rubbing myself all over, I crawled across the bed rubbing my legs and then I sat up and started playing with my breast. I pulled down my bra strap and played with my tits and then I leaned back and rubbed my horny snatch. I know it hasn’t been that long but my pussy was eager for a stroking. I laid back and lifted my up, giving my pussy its desire and then I sat up and started rubbing and squeezing my boobs, pulling my bra down and playing with my nipples. My nipples just like my pussy are both as horny as can be, as soon as I touched one they both started to rise. I got my finger all wet and properly teased them both up and then I turned and got up on my knees, I took off my bra and got down into doggy and began grinding my hips as I rubbed and squeezed my ass. I laid down on my side and started rubbing my pussy from behind and then I pulled my panties to the side up and over my ass and finger rubbed my puss up and down. I sucked my finger getting it all nasty and wet and then I stuck it right in my ass and started grinding my hips round and round as I slid my finger in and out. I rolled over onto my back and pulled my panties down to my knees, lifting my legs up high and rubbing my legs, ass, and pussy. I sucked my finger getting it all lubed up and then I slid it back in my ass. I started with one but that was such a tease, besides what would Ariel and Nelly think. I stuck a second finger in my ass, that’s the least I could do and then I continued to fingering my ass and rubbing my horny puss. I striped myself of my panties and got my happy ass up into doggy and then I grabbed my dildo and held it on the bed facing straight up I started licking and sucking all over it getting it all lubed up for my ass. I fingered my ass hole as an intro and then I slid the dildo inside for the maid event, fucking my ass hole hard, fast, and strong before gaping my ass hole wide open. I laid down with my legs spread wide and began playing with my tits and pussy and then I lifted up my legs and stuck my finger in my ass and went back to doing what I had already started. I slid my fingers in and out of my ass and then I sized up and went for the dildo, sliding that puppy back in my ass and rolling over onto my side. I slid the dildo in and out of my ass and then I rolled back over and lifted my leg up high, sticking the dildo back in my ass and spreading my pussy open wide. I lifted my second leg the same as the first and grabbed the dildo with both hands I started pushing the dildo deep inside my ass as hard and as deep as I could. I pulled the dildo from my ass and stuck it right in my mouth, I was warm and sticky wet just the way I like. I licked and sucked the dildo clean and gave it a fresh slobbery coat and then I stuck it back in my ass, fucking myself hard while I played with my tits. From my ass to my mouth the dildo went as I rubbed my pussy and got into doggy, I reached back and started fingering my eager ass, one and then two fingers deep before going back to my big dildo. I fucked my ass with hard strong strokes from above as I rubbed my snatch fast from below until I gave myself pussy twitch and then wet inside its self. I pulled the dildo from my ass gaping and spreading myself open wide and then I laid down on my back and sucked that dildo straight from my nasty ass.