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Hey Guy’s It’s me Arial, back doing what you love to see me do and this time I brought my new girl friend Nataly along, she’s one of those nasty Russian girls. I met her at this club the other night and I took her back
to my place, an old friend of mine came over and we fucked until the break of dawn. Nataly said she came to Prague with a girlfriend of hers, I don’t know if they’re a couple or just a friend that happens to be a girl, but ever since we hooked up she’s been hanging out at my place. This morning Nat came over early and we went straight to my bed we started touching each others bodies and I started playing with our breast. I lifted up her top to get my self a peek and then we started kissing and touching each other all over. Nataly lifted my top up and then she pulled out my tit and started licking and sucking my nipple, I could feel my nipple stiffening as she flicked her tongue across it. She helped me take off my top and my bra and then she went right back to playing with my breast, licking and sucking on my nipple and then she reached over and pulled down my skirt. I leaned forward and Nataly started licking my pussy, teasing me with her warm wet tongue, I laid down and lifted my legs up high and Nataly stripped me of my skirt. Nataly and I started kissing and then she licked and kissed her way down my body, she pulled off my panties and started licking my pussy as I had my hands full of my tits. Nataly sat up and I pulled up her top and started playing her tits then I reached down between her legs and started rubbing up and down on her snatch, her pussy felt warm to touch and was just as soft as could be. I took Nat’s top and bra off and started licking and sucking on her nipples, watching them rise from the moment I touched them. I unzipped her skirt and pulled it off and then I started rubbing her pussy, licking and sucking her hardened nipples, thrilling her from top and bottom. 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