Going To The Mall?featuring Jessie Jolie,  Tucker,  Vanessa Foxxx,  Johnny Robins,  Rico Zaas,  Mario Costa

Studio: Bait Bus
Welcome, fellas! Today we have longtime fan of the Bait Bus, Tucker, taking a ride with us! He's been watching us for a long time and now we're going to give him the opportunity to take advantage of some hot straight guys.
So with Tucker in tow, we catch this cute Cuban guy, Mario, chilling at the bus stop. We ask him to help us out with this little school project we have going. He didn't want to, but once we offer him $40 and a ride to the mall, he got right in. Once he got inside, he couldn't get enough of Vanessa's tiny shirt. We used her to get him naked and WOW for such a skinny guy, Mario sure had a HUGE surprise for us. Lucky for Tucker! The second Vanessa blindfold Mario, Tucker wasted no time to jump in and try and handle Mario's weapon. He went to town on that big dick, shoving it deep into his mouth. He was loving the head but then he got the blindfold off...and uh oh! We want to see what else he can do with his monster cock. See how much it took to get Mario to do what he says he never would.