The Cherry gets multi-popped!featuring Cherry Jul,  Charlie,  Bady Love

Studio: Porn World
Hey guy’s what’s going on? It’s me Cherry Jul, I was just relaxing having a quiet day at home alone. Miki was up and out before I got up. I heard her on the phone early this morning, she was trying her best to get out
of seeing some guy. She told him that he could come over if he wanted but she wouldn’t be around. Then she left to be with some other guy. I decided to stay at home and thought I’d read a book, surf the net, or maybe check out some porn. Okay, so you got me, I went straight for the porn, but you know the type of girl I am. I’m not the type that you take home to your mother. I could feel myself getting all hot and bothered and I began rubbing my tits and pussy up and down. I heard a noise outside and then two guys peeked in. I think they were looking for Miki but they found my horny ass lying on the bed instead. One guy told me he his name was Charlie and his side kicks name was Bady. They came right over and got on the bed with me and started touching and rubbing my body all over. Then Charlie started licking my snatch. I wrapped my cock sucking lips around Bady’s quick growing cock and started bobbing my head up and down, licking and sucking him off as nasty as I knew how. Charlie tongued my twat from the bottom up and sucked on my happy clit. I then got into doggy with my ass pointed high in the sky picking up right where we left off. I slipped Bady’s cock back in my warm wet mouth and Charlie licked my ass and pussy all over. What a treat! Seriosuly, had I known this was going to happen, I would have been waiting naked already. Charlie removed his tongue from my twat and came around for some head. I licked, stroked, and sucked them off one by one as Bady reached over and started fingering my pink hole. It was so hot and wet I thought it would take his finger off. We then laid down on the bed, I laid on my side and Charlie laid down behind me. He slid his long hard cock in my deep, wet, pussy and I sucked Bady’s cock who had laid down right in front of me. Charlie slid his thick cock in and out of my puss with long hard strokes as I slurped and slobbered all over Bady’s prick, bobbing my head up and down over and over again. I got back on all fours and stuffed Charlie’s big sweet sticky thing in my mouth, it was covered from top to bottom with froth from my wet cunt. I then licked and sucked Charlie’s hard long cock from the bottom up as Bady had shoved his hard cock in my horny wet snatch and started fucking me with hard fast strokes. Sorry for all the detail, I just love writing about this! It brings me back to the moment.Okay, so then Bady slid his cock from my hole and I laid down on my back with my legs spread open wide. Charlie slid his hard thick cock right in my cunt again as I wrapped my lips back around Bady’s cock for another suck. Charlie slid his cock from my horny pink hole just long enough to snatch off my panties, then he shoved his cock right back inside fucking my cunt even harder than before. I pulled Bady’s hard slick cock from my mouth, he laid down and I jumped on top. He slid his slick hardened shaft in my little P- hole and started fucking me with every thing he had, sliding his cock in and out hard and strong as I got Charlie’s cock all slicked up and ready for re-entry. Charlie reached over and fingered my ass then slowly stuffed his cock in right behind, stretching my asshole open as Bady continued sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. They slid their cocks in and out of my holes then Charlie pulled his cock from my ass and stuck it right it my mouth to suck. Love that taste! I bobbed my head up and down on his cock then back in my tight ass he went. They pulled their throbbing cocks from my ass and cunt together. Charlie laid down and I quickly got on top. He shoved his thick cock back in my tight ass again and started fucking me like a maniac. I slipped Bady’s cock in my mouth and was sucking hard as Charlie pounded away at my tight little asshole. I could feel my asshole being stretched though, wider with every stroke as he shoved his cock in harder and deeper again, and again. He pulled his big cock from my resized ass. I could feel the cool air rush up inside and I reached down and started rubbing my puss as he shoved his cock back in my horny ass for another venture. Bady came around and stuffed his cock back in my puss, fucking my cunt as Charlie slid his cock in and out of my ass. I sucked Bady’s cock straight from my cunt. It was warm and sweet just like honey. Charlie laid behind me and fucked my ass hard then he pulled out and Bady got behind me and had his way with my juicy cunt. I got into Doggy and Charlie slid his cock back in my ass, going for broke as I licked and sucked up and down Bady’s long hard shaft. Charlie pulled his cock from my ass and I sucked him off, licking and sucking from his nuts all the way up. I jerked and slurped on their throbbing cocks back and forth, sucking off one while I jerked on the other. I opened my mouth wide Charlie busted his creamy load off in my mouth and all over my face and Bady was right behind with a shot of his own. I fingered their cum from around my lips and mouth. Well so much for a quiet day at home!