BTS from Now That's A Girthy Prick featuring Brad Newman with Madison Wilde

Studio: SeeHimFuck
Behind The Scenes of Now That's A Girthy Prick featuring Brad Newman with Madison Wilde from 2023-10-27 ~ Enjoy!

Handsome DILF Brad Newman brought his BWC
to the See H🕴️M Fuck set today, and we paired HIM up with the lovely Madison Wilde for this week's rimming-filled scene! Our West Coast director, Billy Visual, starts things off by interviewing HIM, followed by Brad standing and stripping with some assistance from Madison. She begins to lube HIM up, but she can't help but slobber on that BWC for a bit. Madison sniffs and licks his armpits before allowing HIM to take a seat so she can lick and suckle on his socked and bare feet. Round 1 of the ass-eating starts with Madison rimming & tonguing HIM while Brad is spread eagle and with HIM copping a squat on her pretty little face. Brad then returns all the oral treats he's received by going down on the 23-year-old. Then we get to the fucking, as Madison takes ALL of HIM via the missionary & Amazon positions. Round 2 of the ass-eating features Madison giving HIM a rusty trombone. Then we get back to the fucking, as Brad deep-dicks Madison in a front, then backward piledriver, doggystyle, and back to missionary, where he unloads his love onto the pussy. We caught up with a solo HIM in the shower afterward... Until the next H🕴️M! 👋