Size 15 Feet featuring King Frank with Babi Star

Studio: SeeHimFuck
Well-hung new stud King Frank makes his See H🕴️M Fuck debut this week, and we paired HIM up with the delightful Babi Star for today's stunning update. Director Johnny Robins gets things moving
by interviewing HIM before Frank stands and undresses with some assistance from Babi. She then lubes HIM up and gives HIM a nice slippery reach-around before shifting her attention to Frank's hirsute armpits, which she sniffs and licks. Babi then has HIM take a seat so that she can lick and suck on Frank's massive size 15 feet. From there, we go to Round 1 of the ass-eating, as Babi rims and tongues HIM while Frank is spread-eagle, via the rusty trombone, and from overhead with HIM in a reverse piledriver. The two then swap oral favors as first Frank goes down and suckles on her juicy clit, followed by Babi slobbering and gagging on HIM. There's a momentary Round 2 of the ass-eating before we get to the fucking, where we see Babi take ALL of HIM via the cowgirl, a front then backward piledriver, doggystyle, and missionary until he pulls out and dumps on her cunt. We followed a solo HIM into the shower after for a post-sex interview... Until the next H🕴️M! 👋