Now That's A Hairy Ass Cr*ck featuring Zack Dickson with Violet Moore

Studio: SeeHimFuck
It's another “double debut” this week, as both 21-year-old competitive bodybuilder Zack Dickson and 22-year-old cutie Violet Moore are making their 1st appearance on See H?️M Fuck today in a scene
that director Johnny Robins shot a little differently. The scene starts with the customary interview portion of the program, followed by Zack stripping down to his socks with a bit of assistance from Violet. She sucks on HIM a little before sniffing and licking his hairy armpits. Zack then lays down for a lubed-up massage, 1st on his stomach and then on his back, where Violet gives HIM a nice slick handy. Violet then licks and suckles Zack's socked and bare feet before we get to the hairy ass-eating, where Violet rims & tongues HIM while Zack's hairy ass cr*ck is spread eagle, via the rusty trombone, and from above with HIM in a reverse piledriver. The two then trade oral treats as Zack gets on all fours to lick her slit, followed by Violet