Sex Therapyfeaturing Jessie Jolie,  Ryann Wood,  Daniel Hamilton

Studio: Bait Bus
Hey whats up guys? This week we decided to have some fun and pose as a gang of lost college students looking for the library when we found Daniel a physical therapist willing to help us. he was clueless to what was about
to happen to him, as Jessie showed him her nice tits he was willing to get that twisted blow job, but little did he know that that twist was Ryan's head giving skills! as the blindfold came off so did Daniels anger. we managed to calm him down and buy him off because in the end every man has a price right? What a great fuck he was he tore Ryan's ass all up, with that hard cock! too bad he was under the impression that he would get Jessie in the end. hehe this one is a must see!