Head On Your Travelsfeaturing Jessie Jolie,  John Stone,  Tim

Studio: Bait Bus
We have a new bait bus stud, Chris, to hook and reel in the unsuspecting hetero boys. This Columbian stud likes his cock circumcised. Anyway, as usual the Baitbus crew is talking shit, and having fun. Laser hair removal is
one of the topics. Then they start talking about the first time they had sex. Wow! These people are freaks. So be it, this is porn not politics. Tyler needed to take a leak, so they pulled over, and they met a hitchhiker named Tim. They gave him a ride. Tim has not had sex in about three weeks. Jessie offered some head after she flashed him, being blindfolded was one of the conditions for administering oral pleasure. Poor Tim did not know that Chris was sucking his dick after he was blindfolded. Surprisingly, Tim took the bait bus deception wit a smile, and it only took $2,000 for him to stick his cock in Chris’s ass.