Party Guy From Ohiofeaturing Jessie Jolie,  Ryann Wood,  Jason Michaels

Studio: Bait Bus
Tyler and Jessie are driving around for a stud to mess with,and they end up picking up Jason at a bus stop.Jason said he was down here from Ohio enjoying all the sex that comes along with spring break.Jessie opens her blouse
to expose her tits to turn Jason on.Then Jessie blinds fold Jason with his white tank top, while she lets Ryan suck his dick. When the blind fold comes off,Jason gets mad as hell and tries to get out of the van completely naked.Jessie and Tyler convince Jason to fuck Ryan for 15 min. for $5000 plus he gets to fuck Jessie afterward.Ryan and Jason jump right into the action.Ryan sits on Jason's dick facing forward while Tyler and Jessie video tape the whole thing. They switch positions with Jason fucking Ryan doggy style.Then Jason fucks Ryan side ways,as Ryan moans in absolute pleasure.After Jason cums on Ryan's ass,they stop at some random apartment complex so Jason could finally fuck Jessie,but Jessie pretends she left her belongings in the van,and leaves Jason in the parking lot as he chases after the van.