Submissive roleplay shows hot Mira Sunset fucked & licked by stud & Ivana Sugar GP982featuring Mugur

Studio: Porn World
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy some body sushi, where a girl is the serving tray or table for your Japanese dinner of raw fish? Mugur checks it out at Ivana Sugur’s place. Ivana is dressed up Japanese
cosplay style, complete with a geisha ‘do, and her redheaded friend Mira Sunset is strapped on her stomach to serve as the table. While Mugur enjoys the sushi placed on Mira’s back, Ivana licks Mira’s crotch, then blows Mugur to prepare his meat for Mira’s mouth. Ivana goes back to eating Mira while the redhead continues to blow Mugur, and then Ivana guides Mugur’s meat into Mira’s snatch from behind. Soon Mira’s position is reversed, and she’s on her back with her ass in the air so that she can be easily licked by Mugur and Ivana at the same time, and then fucked by Mugur while he stands over her. Next Mira is put on her side so she can blow Mugur while Ivana laps at her pussy; then Ivana face-sits Mira while Mugur crams his cock into the redhead’s quim. Miss Sunset’s body really gets quite a workout in this sushi palace. Soon she’s in a doggie style position but still strapped down to the table. Mira eats Ivana’s ass while taking it from Mugur in HER ass, and then Mira is moved again onto her back to be coated with Mugur’s cum all over her pussy and butt. Ivana licks it up, then she and Mugur exchange bows as he gets into a robe to go, presumably, to take a shower or sauna. Ah, the luxury life!