In Full Force with Logan Xander, Valerica Steelefeaturing Val Steele

Studio: SeeHimFuck
Grimy fella Logan Xander makes his See H?️M Fuck debut today, and seeing as his IRL GF is none other than See HIM Contract Star Valerica Steele ?? I think we're required by law to pair HIM up
with her. Anyway, after our above-average director Johnny ?? Robins helps us get to know a little about HIM, Logan begins to strip from his FUCKING AWESOME sharp red suit (❤️ THE ?) and when that dick pops out of his See HIM boxers ? well, Valerica just had to toot on it a lil bit. Valerica then gets HIM all lubed up ? paying close attention to that big stiff prick via the reach-around. She smells ? licks ? and bites ? each of Logan's armpits and sucks on his nipples before allowing HIM to take a seat so she can get freaky with the feet ????? Then it's time for Round 1 ?️ of the ass-eating ?? as Valerica rims HIM while Logan is spread-eagle, then via the rusty trombone and a reverse piledriver. Logan returns all the oral