PokHer Nightfeaturing The R,  Randy Denmark,  Penny Archer

Sometimes you want to have a hot slut dressed in lingerie for you to show off to your friends on poker night. I know I do. Annnd, maybe you want to fuck her like a whore, in front of everyone if you start to lose too much.
I know I would. And, if this is My whore, you already know she'll take any dick for money, so If you're winning and have enough money, you can join in too. On this night, everyone had disposable income to participate, and it turned out to be a real fucking fantastic filthy night. We did it all, DP, DVP, DAP, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, back to mouth, it didnt matter, It was a "put your dick where ever the fuck you want to put it" kinda night. You're welcum.