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It is mid-afternoon, it is time for me to leave, having served all night for dinner at the corner of the rural village in which I live. I'm annoyed by the boss who pinched my butt today and that fucking cook who laughed about
it. I'm leaving here in September for the city University. I'm tired, annoyed and most of all I have to walk home. When I start walking on the side of the road, I stop, look at the boring long way home and think: "To hell ! I have a better idea."My parents would be distressed, but now I am a grown woman and I can do what I want. I turn around and look again at where the cars are going in my direction. I start to raise my thumb and as a hitchhiker's sign. I see a lonely car stopping around the corner. Why not? The car crosses the intersection and returns to where I stand. It was easy, I think, running to the passenger side window. The driver, a 25 or 30-year-old man, lowers the window. I bend over, put my sweaty hands on the windowsill and smile. "Thank you, Sir, can you take me?"I ask him looking him in the eye and smiling again. I open the door and sit in the passenger seat. My nipples were hardening because of the air conditioner in the car. I look at the driver. He is cute and sporty. I look at his crotch. Yes, I see a bulge. I smile for myself; the guys are so predictable.